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Embrace the Change!

Last year, our household received some unexpected guests - several wriggly little caterpillars that eventually became swallowtail butterflies. As we watched their transformation, I reflected on my own outlook on change. Here are a few things I noticed.

  1. Each change has its own character. Some transitions are sudden and others take a long time to realize themselves. Sometimes it takes years for a change to fully manifest. One of the best changes in my life has been my transition to voiceover, but it took a while. After years of steady steps along a well-charted course, I was finally able to fully embrace this change. The journey taught me to appreciate the long game and cultivate patience.

  2. Change is guaranteed to teach us something. One of my favorite people and mentors always says this during moments of transition, "What am I supposed to be learning right now?" Man, what a great question. Change can often be challenging or disruptive. Looking for the knowledge that’s waiting for me throughout the process helps me view change as an opportunity to grow.

  3. Change always wins out. There is nothing more inevitable than change. Over time, I’ve realized that the further I dig my heels into my current reality, the more likely I’m going to be really stressed out as I’m pulled into my future. So if I give myself a moment to step back, quiet my mind, and listen hard for where I'm being called to change in my life, I can learn to spot the tell-tale signs of change and prepare for what might be coming my way.

Where are you being called to change? Is there a leader who keeps suggesting a position for you, but you just don't think you're qualified? How about an educational opportunity that has a way of showing up in your browser history regularly, but you're never quite sure the timing is right? Are there any passion projects sitting in your notebook that you just haven't found the time to start yet?

What if you took a step toward change today? You might be surprised where it will lead you. The transition could be instant or take years. Whatever your change looks like, I am fully confident that just like my little caterpillar friends you will soar after your metamorphosis.

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